Your brand is more than a logo, tagline or colors. Your brand is an experience. It is the impression your clients and customers are left with as a result of contact with your product and/or service. As we prepare for the holiday season, it is important that our holiday sales graphics are in alignment with the overall  brand voice, tone and aesthetic that has been established for your business.  The winter holiday season is all about the colors red and green. Maybe you don’t have a red and green logo or the means to have an alternate logo designed. Applying a pink logo on an ad with red and green as the primary colors will alter the entire aesthetic of your ad. Read below for some tips on how to brand your graphics and sales ads without using your logo.


Incorporate a Holiday Themed Tagline

Your holiday sales promotions are more than the actual graphic. Your visual graphic should be used in conjunction with enticing marketing copy (the actual words in your posts) to attract your ideal client. All of the marketing copy for my business incorporates the word STRONG. Although Strong is my last name, it also evokes a powerful presence. You will see that word sprinkled throughout all of the copy for my business. The name of this series is the STRONG Branding Holiday Sales Series. See what I did there? I just branded my holiday sales marketing and I didn’t use my logo!

Use Your Brand Colors

Though the colors of the season are red and green, that doesn’t mean that you have to use those colors in your ads. Adhering to the same brand colors you use all year long may be a great way to stand out among the clutter in the marketplace. If your brand colors are blue and white, use those colors wisely. You may want to drape blue and white tinsel or blue and white holiday lights on your ad.

Brand Your Holiday Discount Code

Savvy holiday shoppers are looking for deals on their favorite products and services. Branding your discount code is an excellent way to increase brand recognition. The more your clients are introduced to the name of your business, the more likely they are to research further and eventually spend money with you. If the name of your business is Dump Trump, remind your customers to use the code DUMPTRUMP to receive 40% off of their purchase.

How will you brand your holiday sales graphics without using your logo? If graphics aren’t your zone of genius check out ASV’s specials here.

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