Social media is here to stay. Like it or not, in order to stand out in the busy marketplace we have to adapt to the new technology. Your target audience is lurking between Facebook posts and behind the perfect Instagram picture, they are perusing Periscope videos and SnapChat. In order to connect with them, we must figure out where they hang out online and be visible there.But, the good news is that social media doesn’t have to be hard. Here are 3 things you do not want to hear about social media

Social Media Is About Relationships

In our quest to increase to increase our friends and followers, it is easy to forget the “social” part of social media. As business owners, the end goal of each endeavor is to profit. However, social media is an instance where we shouldn’t begin with the end in mind. Forge relationships with potential clients and customers by engaging in meaningful conversations. When someone posts a question in a FB group, answer their question group without offering your paid services. Chances are that when that person is in need of a service you provide, they will remember your helpful suggestions and hire you.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Social media can be extremely overwhelming when added to the other activities we are responsible for as business owners. But, planning your social media posts for the week or even the month using a scheduler like Hootsuite or Buffer can make your social media marketing a cinch. Planning ahead frees up your time for money-making activities.

It’s All Fun and Games

Think of social media as one huge playground. Be creative with your message. Utilize a mix of educational, questions and posts that your potential clients and customers can engage with. Use the same photo on Facebook and Instagram with different captions. Example: A stylist may make a post about Who wore it better with two side by side pictures of women wearing the same outfit. They can encourage their fans and followers to double tap if option A wore it better. Using the same picture, they may ask their fans and followers on FB to give the pic a thumbs up if option A wore it better, a thumbs down if option B wore it better or a laughing emoji if neither. Find ways to incorporate your business posts into pop culture, world news, and sports activities. Social media can be fun if you’re creative with how you post.

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