Next Friday marks the official start of the holiday shopping season, Black Friday. This holiday is followed by Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. These days are important for small business owners because sales on these days are good indicators of what the holiday shopping season will be. Beautiful ads and graphics should be an integral part of your marketing strategy this season and here’s why:

Branded Graphics Increase Brand Recognition

Branded graphics are an essential part of the marketing strategy for a small business. By utilizing your brand colors, taglines and logo across all social media channels and ads you are triggering the memories of your potential clients. Soon they will come to associate your products and/or services with your logos and brand colors. All the elements of your branding work together to evoke an emotion in the heart and mind of your ideal clients. As they become more familiar with your brand, they will become curious enough to research further.

Branded Graphics Increase Engagement

Stunning photos with engaging marketing copy can provoke conversations, likes and shares of your content. When your posts receive more engagement, they show up more in the feeds of more people. It is no secret that social media has begun to limit the posts that our fans and followers see. But, when a post gets more attention, it alerts the social media channel that the information is relevant and interesting. When your branded graphics show up in the feed of more people the likelihood of conversions increase dramatically.

Branded Graphics Increase Holiday Web Traffic

151 million people shopped online and in stores last Black Friday. These consumers were enticed by the numerous sales and discounts that the merchants advertised across all mediums. For the consumer that isn’t excited about the prospect of standing in long lines and braving the crowds in the malls during this shopping season, shopping online is a welcome relief. What could be better than net surfing in your favorite pajamas while enjoying leftover turkey? Take advantage of the increase of net surfing by creating a marketing strategy that gets your products and services in front of the people who need them the most.

Partner with A Strong Visual to design a STRONG marketing strategy this holiday season. Reserve your membership in our Strong Branding Social Media Suite today.

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